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We Are Very Interesting In Fulfillment

We are very interesting in fulfillment of your legal needs and our believe in the role of all legal offices round the globe not only handling of arguments before courts for issuing of decisions and provisions, but their believes in the treatment principals such as truth and transparency and on the other side satisfaction and contented of the client.

Applicable General Practice

Zayed Alshamsi advocates &legal consultants is general practice establishment includes a team of legal experts specialized in settling of disputes and law suits for the companies and individuals as well in all legal related issues.

Commercial and companies law

We undertake to present best legal consultants that related to the commercial or companies issues . We have accumulated experiences in preparing of commercial and administrative enterprises, rescheduling of financial structure , mortgage, obsession , clearance of investments and negotiation in articulating of contracts.

labors law

For a company or a citizen nor resident you will need for a veteran team have accumulated experience in dealing with matters related to labors law in UAE. We have been serving our clients during past working years very hard for fulfilling their needs.

Intellectual property law

Zayed Alshamsi advocates &legal consultants has good experience and long history in dealing with issues related to intellectual property in UAE or on board.

Criminal law

Zayed Alshamsi advocates &legal specialized in local, central and international criminal law in all aspects that related to laws but not limited to the issues of the juveniles, misdemeanants, medical responsibility, crimes of information technology , drugs crimes and etc.….

Islamic &financial and obligation laws

We have an expert legal team with the prolonged experience of understanding of the laws related to Islamic ,family and Islamic finance that compliance to Shariaa.

Specialized consultant services

We helped a lot of clients during last years in many different specialized issues such as aviation and marine law ,banking ,financial consultants, procurements of dues ,consultants related to oil industry ,gas and energy.

Civil law

As the civil law arranges the daily practice of the individual and rules interactions between companies and corporations therefore we specialized in solving of all disputes which including .

Personal status law

Zayed AlShamisi Advocates & Legal Consultants firm essentially covers all issues related to divorce, alimony, nursery and others. We have a legal expert team specialized in personal status and international jurisdictions who acting professionally with the family issues.

Arbitration, reconciliation and the alternative means for settling disputes

Our outstanding practices and experiences in the alternative means for settling disputes enable us to maintain the positive results for our clients, reduce the expenses and the delay connected to the litigation and contention. We are adopting our own way for settling disputes by providing legal consultants which includes negotiation, arbitration, reconciliation and alternative means for special purposes of disputes settling.

Agency, distribution and and franchise agreements

Zayed AlShamisi Advocates & Legal Consultants has accumulated experiences in dealing with matters related to agency, distributions and franchise agreements whereas we can represent the client or the owner company or dealer party or franchiser party.


For long time we have been dealt with the insurance &reinsurance companies, issuing bodies of insurance documents and all matters related to the insurance. Beside we have deeply acknowledgment and a brilliant professional experience in dealing with the all types of insurance.

Litigations and lawsuits

Zayed AlShamisi Advocates & Legal Consultants features as one of the strongest firms in practicing of different litigation in UAE and represents our clients either being plaintiff or defendant in the following aspects:

  • Enterprises disputes.
  • Legacy, property and inheritance issues.
  • Securities markets arrangement.
  • Settlement of international disputes.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Labor disputes.
  • Taxation subjects.

Communications, media and technology

Our lawyers are well known with all legal issues facing our clients in the sectors of Communications, media and technology.   Zayed AlShamisi Advocates & Legal Consultants provides legal consultants to companies in relation to the commercial deals of companies and legal consultants related to obligation, licensing, commercial matters, finance, securities markets, intellectual property, execution, taking legal actions and taxation subjects.

Procedure of opening a file

1. The receptionist classifies the file type.
2. Relevant documents are received , deposited and classified according to their types (whether original or photocopies), and then having the client and adversary,s data completed.
3. A date would be appointed for meeting the attorney or competent counselor according to the wish and ability of the client.
4. Attorney fees and method of payment would be specified after meeting with the specialist.
5. The counselor determines the required documents and procedures to be followed for each lawsuit depending on its conditions and establishes dates for future meetings.

Procedure of filing a lawsuit

1. The statement of claim is to be presented to the principle 24 hours prior to registering it in the records of the competent court. Where there is no objection, procedures shall be duly completed.
2. Immediately upon registering the claim, the client is notified of its date and how to serve the writ to the adversaries in the meantime.
3. The principle shall be made familiar with all memoranda as well as documents submitted by the adversaries. Coordinating between the principle and his/her legal representative to determine how to respond to the adversaries-creating an integrated approach in handling the lawsuit towards achieving the desired outcome.
4. When the judgment is passed, the client shall be notified and provided a copy of the judgment. The judgment shall be discussed with the counselor seeking satisfaction of the client-a technique repeated at each legal stage.

Our team of lawyers are specialists in commercial law, criminal law, labour law and more.