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  • Maintaining of justice principle and contributing effectively in its application successfully and working hard for returning rights to our clients.


  • Our firm will have a big share in upgrading and promoting of the legal works for the purpose of serving UAE community and we will work to maximum to be progress apart of the development took place in UAE.


  • Transparency, justice , truth, caring of our clients, and substantial.



for application of law and its spirit as well.


the trust between us and our local and on board clients.


experience with loyalty for the purpose of maintaining justice.

Our ethical

and moral in work is our principle and not our slogan.

Advanced in experience

indeed because we have most qualified Arabian legal experiences in the Arab Region.

Development of our services

Because we possess the experience that make us more confident and active to face challenges of the 21th century . We are the one of the leading legal offices worldwide working with electronic services which providing highly tech. network.

Progress in performance

Our future plans that implemented carefully enhance us to increase our capacity .

Our believe

the real capital is the good reputation and steady reliability Progress.

Office Privileges

Procedures for opening a file

1. The receptionist classifies the file type.
2. Relevant documents are received , deposited and classified according to their types (whether original or photocopies), and then having the client and adversary,s data completed.
3. A date would be appointed for meeting the attorney or competent counselor according to the wish and ability of the client.
4. Attorney fees and method of payment would be specified after meeting with the specialist.
5. The counselor determines the required documents and procedures to be followed for each lawsuit depending on its conditions and establishes dates for future meetings.

Procedures for Filing A lawsuit

1. The statement of claim is to be presented to the principle 24 hours prior to registering it in the records of the competent court. Where there is no objection, procedures shall be duly completed.
2. Immediately upon registering the claim, the client is notified of its date and how to serve the writ to the adversaries in the meantime.
3. The principle shall be made familiar with all memoranda as well as documents submitted by the adversaries. Coordinating between the principle and his/her legal representative to determine how to respond to the adversaries-creating an integrated approach in handling the lawsuit towards achieving the desired outcome.
4. When the judgment is passed, the client shall be notified and provided a copy of the judgment. The judgment shall be discussed with the counselor seeking satisfaction of the client-a technique repeated at each legal stage.

In order to take any procedure in a claim , there must be a written application or written consent by the client in a method to guarantee maximum accuracy in handling a lawsuit.

Means of Agreement and payment
Zayed Alshamsi Advocates & legal Consultants offer two methods billing of applicable fees:
1. Advance lump sum payment
2. Per hour basis at the discretion of the client
Fees and method of payment shall be agreed upon for each individual lawsuit.

Translators Clear understanding between the client and the attorney at law is of high importance towards understanding the requisites of a claim .Therefore, as a service to the client , Zayed al shamsi Advocates & legal consultants has a team of translators to assist the client in all translation requirements.