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Zayed Al Shamsi: Qatar will yield the results of funding and supporting of terrorism

Zayed Alshamsi > English Blog  > Zayed Al Shamsi: Qatar will yield the results of funding and supporting of terrorism

Zayed Al Shamsi: Qatar will yield the results of funding and supporting of terrorism

Lawyers assured that Qatar will soon yield the results of its financing and supporting of terrorism and indicating that the international sanctions are inevitably under way and the nations that affected from Qatar‘s terrorism have the right to claim for its trial before International Court of Justice, meanwhile the lawyers explained that the diplomatic relations cutoff with Qatar is a sovereign alternative for any country are deem beneficial to its interests.


Chairman of the Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal lawyer, Zayed Al Shamsi expressed that “the nations of UAE, Saudia ,Yemen, Egypt ,Tunisia and Libya will not pardon Qatar for the bloods of their  martyrs, hurts and displacement of their citizens if  really approved by compelling evidence its involvement in supporting of terrorism and illegal armed groups whether by funds or media or through the vandal groups with intention of shake of the security and stability and spreading of the terrorism and he balancing the probability of more sanctions against this country if later exposed more evidences of their involvement in what mentioned above” .


Adding that: “if it have approved that Qatar is involve in martyr of our sons and sons of coalition countries under the leadership of Saudia for recovery of legitimacy for Yemen, beside martyrs from Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Tunisia, it is self- evident that the nations will not pardon the leadership and keep watching such criminal acts which affect on their security and stability and consequently the Qatar government will pay this bill”.


Al Shamsi has affirmed  to Al Byan that “ the hurt communities from the acts of Qatar have the right to claim their rights , investigate Qatar government , punished in accordance to international criminal laws and evicted it from international legal and humanitarian organizations “,adding that”  “Qatar new moves for providing of Turkish and Iranian troops to safeguard and support it is a big mistake that if any  contact or harassment may happen with gulf troops shall be dealt with a rigorous action” .


Saying that : “ we will not let the criminal acts of Qatar pass without punishments if approved that it involved in supporting of terrorism and shake the internal security and stability of gulf countries and other Arab countries as well , no one above the law , for example Libya has evidences approved that Qatar is involved in the repeated  and frequent assaults against the dignity of Libyan citizens after revolution of Feb. 17th ,if approved its involvement in any other countries shall be sentenced in accordance of the international law and International Court of Justice .


Following that : “we Emiratis our hearts and sentiments with Qatari citizens, why not , and they our brothers , relatives , dears and kindred, meantime we queue and support our leaderships in their decisions  of  diplomatic , economical and commercial boycott and other decisions been taken that preserve the sovereignty of UAE and its benefits ,security and stability” .


And closing the door in front of any external interventions that erupted problems among the citizens of our the nation, which any breach of the instructions of the leadership in relation of boycott with Qatar shall be counted as a crime, its penalty is a provisional imprisonment extended from three to fifteen years and fine not less than AED 500.000 in accordance to the federal penalties law and ordinance of the federal in relation of cyber-crime control.

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